1102-L2MIX-PumpkinSpicePumpkin spice … forever? Pumpkin spice is no longer just for coffee – the flavor can be found in almost every mass-marketed product out there, from pet treats to Pringles. (The Christian Science Monitor, Oct. 27, 2015)

0525-L2MIX-TINY-HOUSETiny house owners search for an urban roost The pared-down simplicity of tiny homes has come to embody many things: an oasis in a stormy economy, DIY ingenuity, green living, and, in some cities, the answer to homelessness. (The Christian Science Monitor, May 19, 2015)

1027-L2MIX-AGRITOURISMKids! Pack your bags. We’re heading to the farm. More consumers are willing to drive beyond city limits to forage for wild mushrooms or camp overnight in an orchard. (The Christian Science Monitor, Oct. 21, 2014)

0811-L2MIX-LSharkGreat whites inspire local art scene on Cape Cod A lot has changed since ‘Jaws’ kept swimmers out of the water – the town of Chatham, Mass., celebrates its local sharks with public art and educational efforts. (The Christian Science Monitor, Aug. 5, 2014)

0721-L2MIX-Maker-spaces-INVENTORS‘Maker movement’ inspires new artistic expression Traditional institutions such as museums and colleges are creating new programs for art and technology to come together. (The Christian Science Monitor, July 15, 2014)

0526-L2MIX-National_Mall_War_Memorials_full_600The art of public mourning” Photos, notes, and similar objects left at memorial sites pose a problem: What should happen to them? (The Christian Science Monitor, May 26, 2014)


1007-L2MIX-AERIAL-FITNESS_full_380Fitness takes a skyward leap” First there was yoga, Pilates, and CrossFit. And now … aerial fitness. Studios across the United States are incorporating aerial silks, ropes, hoops, and hammocks to help make the ordinary routine of working out take flight in new forms. (The Christian Science Monitor, Oct. 1 2013)

catA purr-fect year for cat videos Watch out, mankind’s second-best friend has been stalking the No. 1 spot and is ready to pounce. From Internet memes to film festivals, and from a new Monopoly piece to their own series on “Animal Planet,” felines have succeeded in making it cool to be crazy for cats. (The Christian Science Monitor, March 13, 2013)

LesmisA (long) day at the cinema For moviegoers wanting to catch up on this year’s Oscar-nominated films, there’s one thing you’ll need besides a tub of buttered popcorn – time, and a lot of it. While the trend toward longer run times has been on the climb over recent decades, to today’s smart-phone-driven, multitasking audiences, an outing to the movies is no longer just a pleasant pastime. It’s a full-on commitment. (The Christian Science Monitor, Feb. 20, 2013)

0213-VPINTEREST_full_600Pinterest: An image sharing sensation The Manila folder filled with catalog clippings, the shoebox stuffed with snippets of a dream wedding, the online bookmark linking to beautiful inspiration – all three stand poised to be upstaged by a virtual image pinboard with a social network to boot. While social networks seem a dime a dozen right now, Pinterest’s blend of beautiful images and an encouraging community has turned it into the fastest growing website of all time. (The Christian Science Monitor, March 9, 2012)

hedgehog_tiggywinkles_sfwA heavenly home for hedgehogs (Aylesbury, England) Inside row upon row of rolled-up pastel towels, small, thorny creatures are snoozing. It’s mid-morning after all, and hedgehogs simply do not like to rise before dusk. This isn’t a hedgehog spa, nor a fantastical Beatrix Potter tale. This is St. Tiggywinkles – a wildlife hospital. It’s where 500 hedgehogs are served meals in bed every day in the hope they’ll put on enough weight to survive the winter. (The Christian Science Monitor, Backstory, Feb. 17, 2007)

7 yarn-harlotKnit Wits Knitters have woven their way into the Internet tapestry, spinning yarns among legions of like-minded, but distant, friends. Widely considered the domain of news junkies and political pundits, blogs – or online journals – are actually dominated by the apolitical set: sports fans, cooks, even jugglers.  (The Christian Science Monitor, Features cover story, Oct. 7, 2005)

apartmenttherapyDo-it-yourself design Before buying more stuff, an “apartment therapist” urges everyone from homeowners to apartment dwellers to learn to manage consumption. (Feature cover story, The Christian Science Monitor, Oct. 4, 2006)



SmileySmiley Face: How an in-house campaign became a global icon (The Christian Science Monitor, Oct. 4, 2006)


324391Hitting their stride Across the United States, a new generation of female athletes is breaking barriers. But these ponytailed jocks are not in high school or college. They’re the moms who previously cheered from the sidelines. They’re the women who never had the opportunity to join a team or test their physical limits – until now. Swimming, rowing, and soccer are high among the sports that are feeling the influence of expanding numbers of female athletes over 35. (The Christian Science Monitor, Feature cover story, May 7, 2003)

Women pros search for their niche” The Women’s Professional Football League finished its fourth season Saturday as the Northern Ice trampled the Florida Sting Rays in Kenosha, Wis. 53-12 to win the league’s championship. Chances are, you missed it. (The Christian Science Monitor, Nov. 10, 2003)

To effect change, make connections first” A global network called Pioneers of Change promotes a creative learning process to help people put their values into action. (The Christian Science Monitor, Oct. 8, 2002)

A map, sneakers, and quick wits” Urban orienteering has taken the adventure sport out of the woods and into city limits. (The Christian Science Monitor, June 21, 2002)

Divorced families get together for the holidays Today’s get-togethers can include mom and her new husband, dad and his wife, plus the kids. How to navigate through it all. (The Christian Science Monitor, Dec. 19, 2001)

powerfulWomen face down fear Since the self-defense movement became firmly established in the early 1970s, the reasons that urban women want to learn how to prevent an attack have changed. It’s no longer largely fear of harm that’s prompting women to sign up for classes, but a desire to discover, enhance, and test their physical strength. (The Christian Science Monitor, Aug. 22, 2001)

“If Oprah can do it, why can’t we?” Inspired by Oprah Winfrey’s book club,  the community-book-club trend is gaining momentum in other US cities. (The Christian Science Monitor, Aug. 9, 2001)

Women soccer stars have a league of their own  Like an on-goal blast rocketing from Kristine Lilly’s foot, women’s pro soccer is suddenly a reality in the United States. The Women’s United Soccer Association (WUSA), no more than speculation less than two years ago, kicks off its season tomorrow at Washington’s RFK stadium. (The Christian Science Monitor, April 13, 2001)

When products get a social life Consumers rally around brand names – and form grass-roots communities with clout. (The Christian Science Monitor, Feb. 26, 2001)

OPINION: “Women’s pro football … oof!” (Nov. 24, 2000)
OPINION: “That could be me” (June 23, 1999)


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