1021-MSampson-sampson-pmad-people-difference_full_380Sally Sampson, creator of ChopChop magazine ChopChop is also a website and cookbook for families and children. Its mission: Eliminate obesity by helping kids learn that cooking is cool. (“Sally Sampson makes cooking fun to fight childhood obesity,” The Christian Science Monitor, Oct. 18, 2013)

A-bike-as-economic-engineF.K. Day, founder of World Bicycle Relief World Bicycle Relief has raised more than $13.5 million, distributed 116,000 bicycles across 11 countries in Africa, and trained more than 800 bicycle mechanics. (READ the article “8 people changing the world,” The Christian Science Monitor, Nov. 19, 2012)

1212-PMAD-Joanna-Crawford_full_380Johanna “Jo” Crawford, activist Crawford founded Web of Benefit to help women escape domestic violence and build new lives. She went from volunteering at a women’s shelter to establishing her own nonprofit organization designed to empower women with financial aid and peer-to-peer mentoring. (READ the Difference Maker profile, The Christian Science Monitor, Dec. 12, 2011)


Nathalie Miebach, artist Miebach creates whimsical art and modern music scores from raw weather data. Her studio in Boston’s South End is a swirl of beads, tiny whales, flags, origami birds, and spokes of bright colors. (READ the article “Climate change as art,” The Christian Science Monitor, April 9, 2010)


Nico Marcolongo, founder of Buddy Bowl, Inc. A former Iraq War veteran, Marcolongo raises funds that supports disabled military veterans and fire and police first responders through a flag football charity. (READ the article “Healing the visible – and invisible – scars of war through flag football,” The Christian Science Monitor, Dec. 14, 2009)


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